I spend my days wandering, through creeks and gorges, down ravines, across fields, along hedgerows, and in and out of gardens.

My photos are the results of my explorations. I share intimate images of things that people may not see, of familiar things and places from unusual angles in both space and time, finding a connection with this-place-right-now. I wait for the perfect moment of light and shadow, sometimes showing a small part of a larger whole, or highlighting nature either before or after its usual prime. Taking photos is a form of meditation, requiring me to both literally and figuratively focus on the subject. In that moment, I leave behind the rest of the world, feel rather than think, and become balanced mentally, physically, and spiritually. I hope that the images I create bring some of that into the lives of those who see them.

Although I have no formal training, I grew up in the area around Ithaca, NY, with a camera in my hand. My mother was a photographer, and my Elementary School had a darkroom that students were allowed free access to, so I began taking photos and developing and printing them from the age of 8 years old.


You can also see my work here:

www.facebook.com/lindawyattphotography         I frequently share new photos on this page.

www.facebook.com/spiritoftheswordphotos The new facebook home of the “Spirit of the Sword” images I’ve been working on.

Sinfully Sweet Café 17 S Main St, Homer NY, now shows and sells my work.

I can be reached at lwphoto@lightlink.com





March 2019              Photo in State of the Art Gallery's 30th Annual Juried Photography Show, Ithaca NY  Reception Friday March 1, 5-8pm


October 2018           Solo exhibit, “Colors”, Brookton's Market, Brooktondale NY

Sept 7-27 2018       Photo in "Duality Exhibit: In Darkness and Light" at Corners Gallery, Ithaca NY (reception 9/14 5:30-7pm)

July 2018                 "Christmas in July" craft fair at Lifelong, Ithaca NY (July 28)

July 2018                 2018 Ithaca Artists' Market, Ithaca NY Juried. (July 27)

July 2018                 Photos in the Art Barn, Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance,  Trumansburg NY (July 19-22)

Summer 2018           Two artwork banners on the Ithaca Commons, part of "Art in the Air" (Opening July 6 at 6pm in Bank Alley)

June-Aug 2018         Photo in juried "HerStory" Exhibit, Manhattan Arts International https://manhattanarts.com/herstory-2018/

June 2018                Photo in the Community Arts Partnership's Annual Group Juried Show, Ithaca NY

March-April 2018      Solo exhibit, "Tompkins County" Shops at Ithaca Mall, Ithaca, NY (near the movie theatre)

March 2018              Photo in State of the Art Gallery's Annual Juried Photography Show, Ithaca NY  Opening Friday March 9, 5-8pm

Feb 16-Mar 17 2018  Two photos in juried show "Abstraction" at Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery (online), + honorable mention. 


December 2017        Solo exhibit, “Winter” Brookton's Market, Brooktondale NY (Dec 4-Dec 31)

Nov 2017-Feb 2018   Group Exhibit, Artists Cafe at Hunt Country Vineyards, Branchport NY, by invitation 

August 2017            2017 Ithaca Artists’ Market, Ithaca NY. Juried.

June 2017               Solo exhibit, “Gorges and Gardens” Brookton's Market, Brooktondale, NY 

March 2017             Photo in the State of the Art Gallery's Annual Juried Photography Show, Ithaca NY

March 2017             Photo in the Community Arts Partnership's Annual Group Juried Show, Ithaca NY

Feb-March  2017     Six photos in the Women's Invitational Show at the OCD Art Gallery, Odessa NY 


Dec 2016                Photo in the Community School of Music and the Arts' Annual Open Show, Ithaca NY

July 2016                2016 Ithaca Artists' Market, Ithaca NY. Juried.



Dec 2018 Photo featured in Artist Showcase: https://www.artsyshark.com/2018/12/11/artist-showcase-late-autumn-2018/

2018                   Photo selected for month of November and the cover of CFCU's 2018 calendar

Nov 2017            Photos selected by Sunny Days of Ithaca to make commercially available puzzles

Dec 2016            "For Comfort and Inspiration" self-published photo book

2015-present      Photos used by professional musicians on websites and promotional materials

Dec 2015            Photo chosen by the Cornell Plantations for their annual holiday card to donors